Although thought to be intrusive in some instances, drug testing is a quite common practice in today’s society. Often used by employers as a part of the hiring process or to maintain safety standards, drug tests can be performed by analyzing a test subject’s urine, saliva, hair follicles or blood. Some drug testing procedures are more frequently used than other depending on the situation and cost associated with conducting a particular test. Understanding the process of the various drug testing procedures is the first step in detoxing the body of unwanted drug toxins.

Various Types of Drug Tests

Drug testing by urinalysis has always been the most frequently used method of drug testing due to it’s convenience, low cost and ease of implementation. The process involves collecting a urine sample from the test subject which is tested for the presence of metabolites. Detoxing the body by dilution is the best method for cleansing the urine of unwanted drug toxins. The dilution process involves drinking about 3 to 4 16 oz. glasses of water and taking a detox supplement the day of testing. Many people believe that implementing a detox supplement is not necessary but this is not true at all. Detox supplements help put back trace elements normally found in the urine that are removed during the dilution detoxification process.

Saliva drug tests are conducted by testing a collected sample of a test subject’s saliva. Although not quite as popular as urine testing, saliva drug tests are conducted much more today than they have been in the past. Much of this is because of the rising use of urine substitutes. In some countries saliva drug testing is used just as frequently as urine drug tests. Several years ago Australian law enforcement started conducting roadside oral saliva testing as means of reducing DUI offenses. Saliva detoxing involves the use of a detox mouthwash or detox supplement that’s formulated to remove drug toxins from the saliva glands.

Because the hair retains toxins longer than any of the other samples that can be taken from the body, hair follicle testing is the preferred method of testing by certain organizations and agencies. Depending on the type of drugs existing your system, it can take up to 90 days for the body to be permanently detoxed however there are hair detoxifying shampoo products that can temporarily detox the hair shaft in less than an hour. Removing existing hair from the body will also work but that will surely send up a red flag for the testing administrator.

Blood drug tests are more commonly performed in hospitals, clinics or other medical setting because of the risks involved with collecting and handling subject blood samples. Like urine, hair, and saliva the body’s blood cells retain drug metabolites that show up if a drug test is administered by testing a collected blood sample. Detoxing the blood of unwanted toxins involves using a total body detox program that will cleanse not only the blood but an individual’s entire system including their urine and saliva of drug toxins that can be detected through the drug screening procedure. Besides last minute detox supplements that temporarily remove toxins from the blood, there are permanent body detox programs where no drug toxins will ever exist unless reintroduced to the body.

Choosing the Best Detox Program

Depending on an individual’s toxin levels, physical characteristics and other factors such as metabolism, a safe detox program can always be implemented once it’s understood how drug tests work. It’s always best to refrain from ingesting undesired toxins when faced with the possibility of being drug tested however sometimes it’s just not that simple.